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Sopron, Deák tér 1. Wednesday: 10:00 - 18:00
One of Sopron's jewels shines again in its former glory

One of Sopron's jewels shines again in its former glory

In the modern exhibition spaces of the bourgeois, historicised building, the Masterpiece. The Sopron Museum awaits you with the exhibition entitled "Civic life and crafts in Sopron at the end of the 19th century".

The location

The genre of the exhibition is ethnographic, but it is quite different from the usual: it tells the story of where and how the life of the craftsman and the urban bourgeois meet. In the charmingly beautiful bourgeois villa, objects from the museum's ethnographic collection, the world of craftsmen's workshops and old crafts come to life. The plot is a family wedding that evokes the manners, dress, food and manners of the time: the bourgeois family and their staff are feverishly preparing for the wedding of their daughter Liza, going around the workshops to make sure everything is ready for the big day when the newlyweds will swear their eternal fidelity.

In the Lenck Villa, the building of the Sopron Museum on Deák Square, which will be open again from 2020, we are waiting for visitors with a permanent ethnographic exhibition. The most beautiful pieces of our ethnographic collection - more than a thousand artefacts -, the furnished workshops and films about crafts that are still alive today bring the once vibrant world of the guilds to life.

The atmosphere of a former bourgeois villa is evoked by a wedding story, the making of the chapel and the preparations for the wedding. On the ground floor, you can walk through the workshops with your family members, while in the basement you can play the tasks of the staff with the help of task cards. A presentation of 19th century etiquette in the dining room and conservatory of the villa.

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The Sopron Museum offers experiential museum education sessions for its permanent and current temporary exhibitions. With the help of our museologists, we offer useful knowledge acquisition, interactive learning and creative activities on a wide range of topics.

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