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Soproni Horváth József Gyűjtemény

Sopron, Hátsókapu u. 2. Wednesday: Closed

"Profound, pure, true, great art" lies in the upstairs exhibition space of the Cézár House in Sopron. Visitors can discover the legacy of the painter József Horváth Soproni in the upper rooms of the monumental building, walking through the rooms occupied by the painter's family.

The location

József Horváth of Sopron was a nationally significant figure in 20th century Hungarian painting, and a highly influential artist in the town of Sopron. The artist was born in a small village in Veszprém County, but his life, his work and his loyal heart for the city were bound to Sopron for the rest of his life. His loyalty to the city and his steadfastness earned him the nickname 'Sopron'.

The humanity in his paintings, the disturbingly realistic portrayal of man and the sentimental landscapes in his canvases bring us closer to a world that seems so distant, in which man and landscape reveal their secrets to us in their very essence.

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