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Artwork rental

Art rental procedure

Legislation on the loan of cultural property in the Sopron Museum's register:
- Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (Civil Code Act)
- Act CXL of 1997 on museum institutions, public library services and public culture (Kult. tv.)
- Government Decree No 377/2017 (XII. 11.) on the lending fees for cultural property kept in museums and on the designation procedure

Initiation of the procedure for the loan of works of art
The intention to borrow an object must be communicated to the Museum in writing (letter, e-mail). The request must include the details of the lender, the purpose, duration, location and list of cultural objects to be lent, as well as the name and contact details of the person to be contacted. The application must be received by the Museum at least 20 days before the planned date of the loan.

The borrowing party
According to Art. 38/A (6) of the Culture Act, the Museum may lend cultural objects to non-museum institutions and abroad only with the consent of the Minister. The application for consent is made by the Museum.

Authorisation of lending
The Director of the Museum is responsible for authorising loans. The application is refused if: the ministerial consent required by law is lacking, the purpose and circumstances of the loan endanger the integrity and safety of the cultural property, the condition of the cultural property does not allow its transfer, the cultural property is included in the Museum's exhibition, the cultural property is under research, the cultural property is on loan elsewhere.

Loan fee
Pursuant to Article 38/A(4) of the Culture Act, a loan fee and a financial guarantee may be agreed in the loan contract.

The loan contract for works of art
The Museum always concludes an art loan contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) with the borrower in accordance with the law. The terms and conditions of the loan are always laid down by the Museum in the Contract. Mandatory annexes form an integral part of the Contract:
Annex 1 shall contain an inventory numbered list of the cultural objects to be lent, together with a description and a pictorial representation documenting their physical condition at the time of lending.
Annex 2 is a documentation of the disposition of the cultural object(s) to be lent, to be prepared by the borrower prior to the loan. The documentation shall include the floor plan, technical specifications and fire safety specifications of the exhibition space, the specifications for the protection of the cultural property and the specifications for the security of the cultural property and the exhibition space. In the absence of such documentation, the contract may not be concluded.

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