Our city has always been ideal for filming costume movies, with its ancient streets and medieval, baroque houses. The buildings of the Sopron Museum also regularly appear as locations for films or popular series. You may remember the filming of the movie Beethoven, for which our museum was the location in 2005. You may know Ed Harris as one of the main actors, but when you hear Diane Kruger's name, cinema fans will certainly think of Troy or The Pianist. In recent decades, the Fabricius House, the Storno House, the Bakehouse and the Central Mining Museum building and its courtyard have also been film locations. Many well-known Hungarian films and series were made within the walls of our institution. In addition to "The Bridge Man" and "Kossuthkifli", we can mention the major film "Now or Never!", which tells the story of the March Youth with our national hero, Sándor Petőfi. The interiors and interiors of the museum are mostly recognisable in the scenes, which have been set in the exhibition halls of the Sopron Museum for decades.

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