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Museum education in the Sopron Museum

We welcome groups of kindergarten, school, secondary school and higher education students for guided tours and museum education in our exhibition spaces! The Sopron Museum offers experiential museum education sessions for its permanent and current temporary exhibitions. With the help of our museologists, we offer useful knowledge acquisition, interactive learning and creative activities on a wide range of topics.

Museumspädagogische Aktivitäten

Our activities complement the curricula in a variety of ways, stimulating reflection, reorganising existing knowledge and facilitating the teaching of social studies, history, literature, arts, history and folklore. They are supported by photographs, documents, publications and demonstration tools. The aim is to make what is taught in schools tangible and experiential, and to give participants the chance to try out activities they have not yet encountered. We also run museum sessions for kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, and students in higher education. For children with special needs and/or special educational needs, or those in state care, we offer activities adapted to the needs of the group, after consultation with the group leader.

Museumspädagogische Aktivitäten

Our museum educators

  • Dr. Németh Ildikó
  • Egresits Anita
  • Erdeiné Kuslics Katalin
  • Martos Virág
  • Osváthné Krammerhofer Szilvia
  • Takács-Iváncsics Zsuzsanna

Basic information

  • Date: Weekdays, Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm, groups are welcome for museum education
  • Duration: 45 to 60 minutes, double or half-day sessions on request.
  • Number of persons: Groups should preferably not exceed 25 people, with the possibility of splitting the group if the class is larger.


Tickets for the exhibitions can be purchased on the spot, please indicate your invoice requirements in advance! Two accompanying persons may accompany the group free of charge, and with a teacher's card the visit is free of charge. You can find information about our tickets on our website here.

In addition to the admission fee, you will have to pay for the museum educational session:

  • museum educational session in the Museum Quarter (60 minutes) 1000 HUF/person
  • Museum educational session in the exhibition spaces of the Sopron Museum outside the Museum Quarter (60 minutes) 500 HUF/person,
  • museum educational double lesson (120 minutes) 800 HUF/person,
  • theme or project day (3 x 60 minutes) 1200 HUF/person,
  • Travelling museum in the school (45 min) 25000 HUF/per day.

Registration and information:

  • Dr. Ildikó Németh, or Virág Martos,
  • It is not possible to book an appointment by phone, only a written request and written confirmation is valid.

Our activities

Museum education sites

Museum educational publications