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About the travelling museum

Our museum educators also run travelling museum sessions for pre-school, primary and secondary school children.

Our activities complement the curriculum in a variety of ways, stimulating reflection, reorganising existing knowledge, and facilitating the teaching of environmental studies, nature studies, social studies, history, literature, art, drawing and visual culture, and national and ethnic studies.

What we offer:
Hungarian folk tales with the involvement of the whole group, with costumes and tools (Ambrus the King, The Old Fisherman and his Wife, The Pelican Bird, the repertoire can be extended on request). In double lessons, craftwork can be combined with dramatisation.

- Celebrations of the cycle: a complex creative lesson with stories, stories, poems, artwork, adapted to the special days of the cycle and the current season
- Carnival - masquerade fun Drawing inspiration from the carnival of the fools in the village of Istria, the group is visited by the Viscount Cibere and Prince Konc.
- Fooling around - Dramatic play based on folklore.
- Easter - A festive celebration of the faithful In this unusual museum education lesson, we will experience the folk traditions associated with Easter through dramatic play, music and songs. Making noisemaking instruments, learning egg painting techniques.
- Pentecost - Flowers and Birds of the Sky Felting, crafts, choosing a Pentecost King and Queen, tests of strength.
- Harvest - St. Michael's Day - Stork roasting, lamb crafting, story dramatisation.
- St Martin's Day - dramatising the story of St Martin the Torch with costumes, making small booklets and candles.
- Advent - Waiting and silence for The Bluebird of Happiness. Story dramatisation and making a secret message-bearing little bird.
- Luca's Day - Predictions of the times, onion calendar, mating predictions.
- Christmas - Making a Bethlehem of Angels using a variety of techniques (clay, paper)
- Winter solstice celebrations: folk traditions, dramatic and circle games linked to the spring solstice.

Basic information

Time: Weekdays between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. (during school hours)

Duration: 45-60 minutes on request, or double time on request

Number of participants: the group should not exceed 25-30 participants, with the possibility of splitting the group if the number of participants is larger.

Prices: the travelling museum sessions are 45 minutes per lesson and cost 25000 HUF per session.

Registration and information by e-mail: Virág Martos, or Dr. Ildikó Németh,

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