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Special locations in the museum

A piece of Sopron's history is present in every corner of the museum, and the renovated spaces offer both a sense of modernity and the enjoyment of the past.

Special locations in the museum

Types of events

The exhibition spaces of the Sopron Museum have inspired many people recently, hosting countless and diverse events. You wouldn't think that the museum and sport could be intertwined, or that dancers could dance in the wonderful spaces of the civic apartments.
History and the present are intertwined within the walls of the museum. Our main venues for events are the Lenck Villa and the Museum Quarter.

Think of the museum's exhibition spaces when you're looking for a venue for your next event:

  • family events
  • Wedding ceremonies, indoor or outdoor ceremonies
  • standing bets, agape
  • conference, professional days
  • press conference
  • presentations
Types of events


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Event management: Linder Judit
Phone: +36 20 420 8362

Venues for rent

Assembly hall
Available for rent

Assembly hall

The lobby is the heart of the Museum Quarter, the core of the General's House. Its beautiful glass roof opens the space to the sky.

Tickets for the exhibitions can be purchased here and one of the information desks is also located here, so this space can be rented out after closing time for late afternoon and evening events.

Ideal for presentations, standing receptions, press conferences.

Sub-region: 122 m2
Capacity: 81 main
Available for rent


The Castle Garden connects the Fire Tower with the other buildings in the open air. A water playground and water games await the youngest visitors at the foot of the city wall.

Ideal and cosy location for outdoor events, children's activities, fairs.

Sub-region: 478 m2
Capacity: 319 main
Cancellation kitchen
Available for rent

Cancellation kitchen

In this special space, gastronomy takes centre stage. We rent out our workshop kitchen, equipped with basic kitchen technology and equipment, for cooking courses, team-building programs for friends or companies.

Sub-region: 15 m2
Capacity: 11 main
Related employment and recreation facilities: 33 m2
Capacity: 22 main

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