Bakery house

Bakery house

  • 9400 Sopron, Bécsi út 5.
  • 2024 Apr. 2. - 2024 sep. 30.
  • 10:00 - 14:00

A house with a special atmosphere in the Poncichter district

The house with a special atmosphere in the Poncichter district had a bakery as early as the 17th century and was purchased by the city with all the furnishings after the death of the last owner. The bakery and patisserie are located in the right wing of the building. The baker's family lived to the left of the vaulted gate entrance, the furnishings of their kitchen and two small rooms accurately reflect the lifestyle of the late 19th-century artisan-farmer family. Entering the patisserie, the visitor can feel the atmosphere of the old small town peace years of the turn of the century.

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